Puerto Vallarta, México

LANAIFurnitureChairs Centre Tables (2) Bar Tables (2) Cushioned Sofa Cushioned Chair Cushioned Bench HALLFurniture Entrance Shelf Box for Keys DINING AREAFurniture Tree table Chairs (4) Wood bench Wood stools (2) LIVING ROOM Furniture Sofa (Bed) Comfy chair (1) Coffee Tables [2] Ottoman Floor Lamp (décor) Cushions (3) Bookshelf Entertainment shelf Ramps for wheelchairs Entertainment Books (Hard Cover) Stereo w/ Remote 
​Linen for Sofa Bed
Mattress Pad Sofa Throw MASTER BEDROOM FurnitureBed Night Table Shelves Dresser Floor Lamp Chair Hanging Cocoon Chair Bookshelf & Books


CLOSETS & STORAGE Cleaning ClosetBroom Mop Large Squeegee Small Sponge Squeegee Dust Pan Step Tool Bucket Beach/Terrace ClosetIce Chest/Tote Bag Beach Mat Beach Towels (6) Beach chairs (2) Laundry Laundry bag Iron Ironing Board Large Wastebasket Fridge Ice trays Tomato container Onion container DISPOSABLES Tissues Toilet Paper Soaps Cleaners Paper Towels Garbage Bags Detergents Laundry     Dishwasher Dish soap Under the sink Fire Extinguisher Toilet Plunger Dusters Squeegee Cloths Sponges Storage Baskets 
Linen (Master) Bed Sheets (2 sets) Pillows 4 Pillow Cases (8) Dust Mite Pillow covers Waterproof Mattress Pad Duvet Cushions (8) Blanket Electronics Alarm Clock / Radio Safe TV large/BluRay Vacuum Closet Clothing Hangers Umbrella + Extra linen Cushions (2) Master Bathroom Onyx Soap Dish [2] Vanity Mirror Fingertip Towel Stand Hair Dryer Weight Scale (Orange) Sewing Kit Small First Aid Kit Shower Caddy Non-slip Shower Mat Wastebasket Toilet Brush Linen (Master) Bath Mat [2] Towels (fingertip) [4] Towels (hand) [2] Towels (bath) [4] Bath sheets [4] GUEST BEDROOM (Work Area) Desk Table Lamp Chair Night Lamp DVDs (20) Small Wastebasket 


China Large dinner plate [8] Small Dinner plate [8] Cereal bowls [8] Dessert dishes [8] Teacups [8] Coffee Mugs [6] Glass Ware Large glasses [6] Medium glasses [6] Small Glasses [5] White Wine Glasses [6] Red Wine Glasses [6] Champagne Glasses [6] Hand Blown Glasses [3]
Shot Glasses [6] Beer Mugs  [6] Glass Mixing Bowls Serving Bowl w/lid Pyrex Dish w/Lid [2] Liqueur Bottle
Flower Vase Plastic Ware Ice-cream Dishes [8] Regular Plates [6] Dessert Plates [8] Plastic Tumblers [6] Condiment Bowl [3] Food Containers (1)
Serving Dishes [3, d. sizes] Food Storage Set Serving Tray Salad Server Water Pitcher Lettuce Knife Cutting Board Flatware Tablespoons [6] Soup Spoons [6] Salad Forks [6] Dinner Forks [6] Dinner Knives [6] Steak Knives [6] 8 Pc. Knife Block Assorted Knives (12)
Utensils (cont'd)
Spatula Set

Tree Pasta Server

Wood Spoons [3]

​Pots & Pans
Tea Kettle Boiling Water Cup Pot Boiling Water Pint Pot Broiler Rack and Pan Cookie Sheet Baking Dishes
Cookware Set Muffin Pan Roasting Pan Square Skillet Round Skillet
6 Qt. Dutch Oven 2 Qt. Pot w/Lid 21/2 Qt.Casserole 1 Qt. Sauce Pan Skillet 1 Saucepan 1 Boiling water 1.5L 41/2 Qt.OpenRoaster 

APPLIANCES Dishwasher Refrigerator/Freezer Gas Range Cool Top Electric Oven Microwave Oven Electric Mixer Blender Coffee Maker Toaster Disposal Gas Dryer Washing Machine 


Paintings and Mirrors Ceiling Fans [3} Wall Clock Emergency lights Guide 
Accessories Cork Screw Bottle Opener Can Opener Ice Bucket Ice Tongs Tongs Colander Veggie Peeler Cheese Grater Ice-cream Scoop
Cocktail Shaker
Cutting Board Wood
Kitchen Lighter
Trivets [3] Kitchen – Linen Cloth Napkins Dish Towels [2] Dish Cloths [2] Tablecloth [2] Oven Mitts [2] Pot Holders [2] Place Mats [6]
Dining & Silverware Sugar Bowl Creamer Metal Salsa Bowl Coasters [6] Salt & Pepper Shakers Fruit / Salad Bowl Snacks Platter
Salad Server (Metal)
​Ash/Wash Dish Utensils Measuring Cup Measuring Spoons Potato Masher Ladle Metal Fork Pancake Turner Basting Spoon Serving Fork Serving Spoon Metal Spoons [3]
Lime Squeezer

Slotted Spoon

Furniture (Guest) Bed Night Table Shelves Bookcase 
Linen (Guests) Bed Sheets (4 sets) Pillows [2] Pillow Cases [14] Dust Mite Pillow covers Waterproof Mattress Pad Cushions (2) Duvet + Cover Electronics Alarm Clock / Radio Small Safe TV small BlueRay Closet Guest Hangers Umbrella Board Games & Puzzles Blanket (2) Cushions [2] Work Desk Grounding Adapters International Plug USB plug Office Supplies Extension chord Small tool kit Garbage Can Flashlight Guest Bathroom Hair Dryer Shower Caddy Wastebasket Toilet Brush Marble Cotton Holder Mirror Display Dish Linen Bath Mat [2] Towels (fingertip) [4] Towels (hand) [2] Towels (bath) [4] Bath sheets [4]