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NEARBY SERVICES Money Exchange – The crazy carousel of exchanging money. Always limit the amount you change unless you are certain you know you are going to spend it all. Always try to be accompanied by someone else when doing a large transaction.  New Mexican Laws prohibit the exchange of over 5,000 USD dollars per person. So if you need to change more than that when going back, you might not be able to. Paying with dollars can be done, but you will loose a lot on the exchange rate suggested by the establishments. You will also find that dedicated exchange rate places (Bureaux de Change, Casas de Cambio) have better rates than the banks for selling you back your dollars. Post Office – You would need to go to the end of El Malecón towards the Hotel Rosita.  From there is only about three blocks towards the mountains.  The original port post office had a wonderful ocean view, regrettably now turned into an Italian restaurant. Can you guess the name? La Posta. Car Rental – Renting a car in Vallarta is easy and generally pretty cheap.  They do have some extra local tax charges and mandatory rental fees you can’t avoid paying – and sadly don’t tell you until you are at the car rental desk. Most rental companies are only at the airport and some at far away all inclusive resorts. Taxi– Just so you know, you can grab a yellow taxi off the street anytime.  Should you need a cab at the door for a certain time, instead of calling a shuttle or a taxi company, just make arrangements with any of the taxis at the stand. They will send someone over for the time you need to take you where you need the next day. Always, always, always negotiate the price before getting in. You will notice cabs from the airport are overtly expensive. You weren’t scammed. The high price is due to the fact that they are located on federal land and they must have special plates.  Whenever you return, if you want a cheaper option from the airport you will have to lug your suitcases outside of Federal property to the Comercial Mexicana mall (12 minute brisk walk), and get a taxi from there. Traveling outside Puerto Vallarta. If you are traveling close by, rent a car. Taking a taxi to Punta Mita may be fine, but most likely a taxi back will run you around100USD. If you are planning on going to the Botanical Gardens or the likes, taxis are good, but they do take a time pick you up and take you back. The airport has car rental companies, but please note that the Bus Terminal does not. Spa and Massages – You will soon realise there are several massage parlours all around. Even on the beach you will be lured to get a foot massage and a pedicure as you sip a tequila sunrise on the sand. Try different people and places to lean more towards your desires and needs. We amply recommend the two fat ladies by Pipila Street.  It’s a bit far, but they are amazing. Printing and Computer use – We have found that the climate of PV is not friendly to most equipment that is not used constantly, therefore 103@ThePark does not have a computer or a printer. But you may use the tablets offered at the lobby level where open internet is available also.  Should you need to be on-line or make a printout, we recommend you go to the closest cybercafé (a block away called Vayan), where you can do check-in and printing for a fee. There are a couple of them also on Olas Altas. 

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