103@ThePark is an apartment within the condo complex called The Park. It was built in 2014 in a traditional "modern comfort" style with some brick layout to match the traditional PV buildings. It is built on flatland, and no hills to climb. To seaward, only a block away, you can sit outside in the park / outdoor piazza or stroll further and admire the magnificent view of Amapas beach area. Towards the mountainside, and also a block away, you will find the very happening, bustling nightlife. Or you may just simply go to the upstairs terrace and relax by the pool or Jacuzzis and enjoy the beautiful 360° view. Only a couple of blocks away is the River Cuale, one of the principal sources of water for Puerto Vallarta. And even closer by you will find some of the best culinary delights of the port. 

about 103@ThePark

Puerto Vallarta, México

- 103@ThePark sleeps 4 people, but could accommodate up to 6 guests should two feel like using the sofabed in the living room,  plus the large double bedroom and one double room.  The entire apartment including the terrace is smoke and pet free.  The building is not, but for considerations to future guests with allergies we ask of you to refrain from bringing animals and lighting up any smokable things.

- There is a big open plan living/dining/kitchen area with a gas stove, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave oven, fridge, disposal, music centre and a sofa bed and a dining table for six. The guest bedroom has a queen bed, working desk, small tv and dvd player. The master bedroom has a queen bed, large TV, dvd player. Guest bathroom has a shower and Master bedroom has a bathtub.
The unit has wi-fi access, an assortment of classical books, DVDs and board games. Kitchen is fully stocked with plates and cooking utensils. (See Inventory). Water to ice on fridge and served from there is filtered on all units. You may drink the water from the tap.

TV, internet and intercom – The main TV presently is set up to have local channels only. The Guest
Bedroom has a DVD/Blue Ray player with Netflix, and the Master Bedroom has an AppleTV and DVD/Blue Ray, so you may watch your own programing.  Make sure you log out of your service account before departure. Internet is free, password will be provide on site. There is an intercom to check who is at the door. Please note that no phone is provided.

The decoration - designed to include classical Mexican paintings and modern Vallarta wall tatoo art.

 All of the paintings at 103@ThePark are of Mexican landscapes or by traditional Mexican artists. The works selected almost cover a hundred year range (1922-2014). It is a rare occasion to see such a broad range of painters and styles outside of a Mexican hacienda or museum. Please respect the art.

The rental price – Thank you for staying with us. A note on price: you may find while browsing through the internet a different prices for our unit. This is normal due to different circumstances: season, people staying, duration of stay and fees paid to the condo/broker (commission and in most cases insurance). Some prices include direct deposit, others are accountable and are taxed (16%), and sometimes there are special offers. Should you notice a difference in price of 21% or more, please let us know. 

​ Fairness of Use Property - Everything in the apartment is brand new, so wear and tear should not be an issue. Should glassware or utensils be broken from an accident, they are to be replaced by the guest with a similar or better product during their stay even if they create a mismatch. There are plastic options also in the cabinets for guests who are afraid of breaking something. We also ask our guest to return all books to their shelves, and beach equipment to their closets before departing. Should you not be able to replace apartment property, please advice us as soon as possible so we may make arrangements. It is prohibited to rearrange furniture. Gas and A/C - To simplify procedure, no charge for gas and electricity is applied unless use is excessive, then it will be charged at cost. To keep the price low at 103@ThePark, air conditioning is available at the apartment and included for Spring-Summer months (April-September). Should the guest want the use the A/C anytime in Autumn-Winter season, they can let us know and pay an electricity surcharge of 20USD a week. The use of the ceiling fan is available all year. Cleaning- The unit does not include maid service for the stay.  Should the guests need the assistance for cleaning, they can contact us to prearrange the visits however many times they need it a week and include it on the rental fee, or the can contact the administrator and have the occasional cleaning visit and per event.  There will be an inspection during or after check-out. The average cleaning time of the unit is 1.5 hours in normal conditions. Should you believe that it would take more than that time due to the conditions the apartment is left, then please leave on the kitchen counter the amount of 55USD. Parking -There is a parking space provided with the unit. Please make sure you only park in that spot even if the garage seems empty.

​ Check-in/check-out -The hours are check-in: 4:00pm and checkout: 10:00am.  Please let us know in advance if you may need some extra time. Sometimes there are no back to back bookings and we may be able to accommodate your needs. You may not be able to enter the apartment before check-in or after checkout, but you may continue to use the condo facilities for the rest of the day. There is storage area specific to the apartment where you can leave your belongings in the meantime. Medical & Special Needs - We may have available in our storage an oxygen tank, a wheelchair and a walker. The conditions of these items are “as is”. If you would like to have any of these available to you please let is know in advance. The O2 tank must be left empty. The Condo Facilities and Rules • 2 Elevators. Wheelchair accessibility is available on all levels • The Condo is pet-friendly. The apartment is not. • The Sky Terrace features a (Semi-Olympic heated, 25m) swimming pool, 2 heated jacuzzis (4people each), BBQ area, sun terrace, restrooms and showers with ample shaded areas, creating an ideal space to entertain your guests. Open from 7:00-24:00*** • Gym (Fully Equiped). Located on the Ground Floor is open to all guests of The Park and features everything you need for a workout: cardio machines, free weights and space to stretch. A personal towel and proper gear must be used at all times. Open from 7:00-midnight*** • Storage area and parking - 24hrs • Condo Office - Open from 7:00-24:00*** • Rubish and trash is located on basement and hours are 7:00-24:00*** • Security. There will always be a guard on duty 24hrs. *** And there are some surveillance cameras.

*** Hours of operation may change by the administration according to seasons.

For a ground plan of the unit, you may download the Property Overview Site (pos file)